Lottery Sales in South Carolina Hurting School Districts


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The lottery systems in most states were set up for additional money to be poured into the school systems in the state. When lottery numbers drop, however, it causes big problems for individual school districts.

The state of South Carolina has always funneled money from their lottery sales into the school system in the state. The lottery sales, however, have not been strong as of late, causing concern among local school districts.

The sales numbers from July through January were down $5.5 million from the same time period last year. Because of that, public schools will receive no money from the lottery next month.

Since local school districts have teachers that are paid directly from the lottery fund, it will be up to them to find a way to have those teachers paid.

College scholarships are the priority in the state. they must first be paid before any money can go to any high, middle or elementary schools.

While the problem is perceived as only temporary, it does put local districts in a predicament at the current time. The state is hoping the sales will return back to where money can once again be distributed.

Patrick Carries On With Casino Crusade For Massachusetts


Published on February 29, 2008 by Terry Goodwin

Governor Deval Patrick has put together a plan on how to bring casino gambling to the state of Massachusetts. He has outlined the plan in front of the state government, and is waiting for them to act on his recommendations.

The Legislature has been slow to act thus far, and Patrick is well aware that gambling is in the states future, whether the state controls it or not.

On Friday, Patrick spoke at a travel and tourism conference and once again preached about casino gambling and the good it will do for the state.

He told members attending the conference that casino gambling would be good for everyone in the state, not just in the areas where the casinos will be built.

It could have been any recent conference, with any group, however, and Patrick’s message would have been the same. Casino gambling is coming, and it is best for the state to regulate the industry.

The Mashpee Wampanoag tribe is seeking to open a casino in Middleborough. The Legislature has been slow to move on Patrick’s plan for casino gambling, forcing the tribe to seek permission on their own.

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