Mainland Chinese Residents Denied New Zynga Facebook Poker Game


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Zynga is becoming one of the most popular company’s in the world when it comes to online gaming. The company is already the creator of FarmVille, a game played by Facebook users around the world. Now, the company is targeting the Asian online gaming market.

Zynga is launching the beta version of Zynga Texas Poker for Asian Facebook users, and the game is in Mandarin. Taiwan and Hong Kong residents will get a crack at the new game tomorrow, but residents on mainland China will be left out in the cold.

The Chinese government forbids Facebook on the mainland, a form of the censorship that has defined China for decades. The Texas Poker game has been played in over 100 countries since its release in 2007, and currently has over 25 million players monthly. It is part of a growing monopoly on top Facebook games for the San Francisco based company.

The number eight is considered to be lucky in Chinese culture, and Zynga plays to that superstition with the Texas Poker game. The jackpots will be $880,000, and any player signing up for a new account will start with $8,888. Even tomorrow’s launch date, 8/18, was calculated by Zynga.

FarmVille is one of the most popular games available for play on Facebook. Players create their own farm and then grow their fortune by planting different crops and acquiring animals. The more animals and crops that are acquired or grown, the more powerful the farm owner becomes in the game.

Facebook has become a platform for interactive games. Mafia Wars allows players to build their own mafia, with other friends on their Facebook network joining their Mafia’s. Much like in FarmVille, the Mafia Wars power builds as mob bosses carry out traditional mafia tasks.

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