Major League Baseball GM Meetings Winding Down Without Much Action


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The GM meetings are coming to a close and the baseball off season has gotten off to a slow start as, besides a few rumors of who is available to be traded, not much happened this week.

Alex Rodriguez is the big story of this off season and his agent Scott Boras did have a few meetings with GMs during the week, but these were just preliminary cordial talks before the real negotiations begin.

The Mets, Angels, Red Sox, and Dodgers all listened to what Boras had to say during the week, but it is unlikely any of these teams will move quickly in trying to sign Rodriguez.

Miguel Cabrera was a hot topic this week as there was speculation that he might be available in a trade, but nothing more than conversations took place on this front.

It is likely that the trade talks will heat up in a few weeks, as next week is the first time that teams can make offers to potential free agents, and once a few of these free agents sign, teams will have a better grasp on what their areas of need are.

Jorge Posada is one of the few top free agents that are out there and the chances are that he is staying in New York. Which New York team he will play for is uncertain as both the Yankees and the Mets are pursuing him strongly.

The winter meetings will be the next time all the GMs will be together as they will be held in December, and much more should come out of those meetings than the ones that took place this week.

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